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allegiant airline uniforms


Billing Coordinator

Image Solutions


Warehouse Associate

Image Solutions

Allegiant Airlines

Improvements in sourcing & manufacturing.

Over $24,000 is being saved in annual spend.

Created budget program & easily accessible reporting.

Uniform inventory is managed efficiently to update & improve product & customer experience.

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines has over 1,300 employees between their Above the Wing (Flight Attendants) & Below the Wing (Maintenance Crew) personnel. They found themselves in need of a new uniform program that was fresh and fashionable yet functional.

Image Solutions was able to make it happen! We designed an entire brand new custom uniform program with new items all within 6 months. We manufactured a custom recycled fabric dress, using our domestic manufacturing process, providing an innovative new look, while practicing sustainability. Image Solutions also created a branded online website, with protected logins for secure ordering.

Now Allegiant Airline employees are able to order the uniforms with ease and not only look great but feel great in their uniforms. With Image Solutions managing this program, custom uniforms are exceeding delivery dates and achieving customer satisfaction.

"We are extremely grateful to everyone who had a part

in making this happen in such a short period of time."

- Jay Lee, Director of Inflight Training, Standards & Compliance, Allegiant Airlines

at&t uniforms


12% cost savings.

31% faster fill rate.

Eliminated back orders.

Improved inventory management, brand consistency and uniform durability and comfort.


A/P Coordinator

Image Solutions


Inventory Analyst

Image Solutions


DIRECTV is known nationwide for their exceptional satellite TV services. They understand the importance of a strong brand image and the role uniforms play in reinforcing their brand. Unfortunately, their previous uniforms were inconsistent, impractical and usually on back order.

When Image Solutions took over, the first thing we did was buy their existing inventory and transfer it to our own distribution centers which immediately saved DIRECTV 12%. We worked with the technicians in the field to understand their needs and redesigned a uniform that was both practical and fashionable. Image Solutions also created a custom, (DIRECTV-branded) ordering website where employees can easily purchase their own uniforms at corporate prices. Image Solutions also provided accurate forecasting reports and inventory management solutions that resulted in a 31% faster fill rate.

With Image Solutions managing the DIRECTV uniform program, we can ensure their uniforms are always durable yet comfortable, shipping to employees quickly, and representing their strong brand image.

"Image Solutions is a great organization that will dedicate themselves to making you look better

as a uniform buyer for your company. Thank you, Image Solutions."."

- Melinda Keith, Senior Director, Customer Satisfaction & Business Operations, DIRECTV 

raising cane's uniforms


Enhanced Raising Cane's image with new & updated uniforms twice a year.

User friendly online ordering.

Saved on shipping by consolidating orders.

Reduced time managers are spending ordering uniforms.


Warehouse Associate

Image Solutions


Warehouse Associate

Image Solutions


Once the transition to Image Solutions took place, Raising Cane's decided they wanted to implement an Allocation program for their employees. Twice a year - in the Spring & Fall - all corporate employees and restaurant managers receive a set amount to use towards a new uniform order. The managers place orders for themselves, plus one large bulk order for their crew members. They get to choose from new caps, polos, jackets and hoodies, as well as marketing/promotional items that have been produced just for this Allocation.

For Fall Allocation Image Solutions prints & produces co-branded Football apparel. The process for the stores to order is extremely user-friendly; it mirrors almost exactly how they order their standard uniforms year-round. There are 40 different logos/schools that Image Solutions produces caps, tees, and marketing/promotional item.

Once all product has arrived to Image Solutions, the orders are picked, packed, and shipped by location. In total over 1,300 total orders are shipped between the 200 corporate locations & the 60 franchise locations, in less than 8 business days. Packing orders by location makes them easier to distribute once they arrive to the locations.

Image Solutions manages Raising Cane's entire uniform program, bi-yearly Restaurant Allocations, corporate employee apparel, and promotional items. Image Solutions help them look and feel great at work!


"Image Solutions is a great partner and always very responsive to our many requests."

- Shawn Jenkins, Vice President Purchasing, Fry Cook & Cashier, Raising Cane's

chili's uniforms


7% cost savings.

Improved uniform design, quality and durability.

Easy online ordering through branded websites.

Successfully launched new uniforms across 1,500 locations.


Account Manager

Image Solutions


Chili's has 1,500 locations across the U.S. and was in need of a new uniform program. They needed an upgrade, fresh designs and to strengthen their brand image.

Image Solutions was the perfect solution to manage everything from design to delivery. Chili's specific needs were assessed and multiple designs developed to be tested and decided on. At Image Solutions, each design uses high-quality, moisture-wicking materials with both men's and women's cuts. Once Chili's selected the designs they liked best, each one was tested to ensure they were durable, practical and fashionable. Once the designs were perfect, the new look was launched across all locations using a Chili's branded, user friendly website.

Chili's now has fashionable and affordable uniforms for all employees. With Image Solutions managing orders and fulfillment, Chili's is able to save on their new and improved uniform program.

"Image Solutions never ceases to amaze us with their commitment and willingness to

constantly go above and beyond."."."

- Chris Ebbeler, Director, Workplace Community, Chili's